Logistics, Sourcing, & Supplying

When you contact us with the details of your private or government sector project, we will help you address and fulfill your necessary supply of materials. While we work mainly with construction-related contracts, we also have connections across multiple industries to help you get any job done within your allotted time frame.


Whether in the public or private sector, construction projects generally operate under a budget and a timeframe. TRECM Enterprise will serve as your project’s manager, proposing solutions, finding products, bargaining prices, doing the construction itself, and overseeing project completion from start to finish.

Sourcing & Supplying

If you don’t need a complete project management solution, we can also help with the sourcing and supplying of materials and equipment. Simply describe what tools you need for your project and we’ll reach out to our network of suppliers. Once we find the right equipment at the right price, we’ll arrange delivery for you.

General Dealers

While construction is a main focus of TRECM Enterprise, we also deal in general supplies, services, and products. If your project does not require construction, we encourage you to still get in touch with the TRECM Enterprise team. We can discuss your private or government project with you and develop a plan of action.

Wholesale Trading

Sometimes, the best prices can only be attained through certain connections. TRECM Enterprise has those connections for your next project; with our network of suppliers and transportation experts, we can help you get your job done on budget and on time. We may even save you money

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