Customer & Results-Focused

TRECM Enterprise is a business that specializes in construction, sourcing, supplying, and general deals. Our team regularly pulls out all of the stops to ensure that we provide solutions, products, and services that meet or exceed client expectations. We want to be your one-stop solution for all of your project’s needs; in doing so, we source and supply goods at wholesale levels – this makes us extremely competitive in this changing and evolving market.

Our customers have used words like trustworthy, hard-working, customer-focused, resourceful, and innovative to describe our interactions with and services to our clients. We stand proud, working well and with dedicated fashion with other companies, transportation services, and dealerships. We handle the logistics so that you can rest easy, knowing that your project is in good hands.

We stand by our mission: to meet or exceed client expectations by delivering the best solution for them. Our team has many years of combined experience in the following areas: general construction, heavy equipment wholesale, general equipment and tool wholesale, commodity wholesale, sourcing retail trade, supplying retail trade, and project finance operations.

We work directly with project managers and other coordinators of both private and government contracts. These construction contracts may or may not be planned and outlined, and they may be purely theoretical. Our job is to listen to the details of the project you have in front of you, propose ideas, source products and services for you, and remain on standby for any additional needs that arise throughout your project’s execution.


Constance M. Mayeya

Danial A. Mwakamui

Criss N. Mwakamui